Lighting Color Temperature

These are the 3 commonly available lighting colour available locally in Singapore. The most popular colour temperature is the Day-White (6400K). Colour temperature is basically relating to the different shades of whites generated from a heated source (black-body radiator).

The choice of the colour temperature is subjective, depending on individual preferences. There are people who perceive Day-White to be brighter than Warm-White, there are also otherwise. Experience the light from a physical setup to get a good feel of the atmosphere.

The choice of colour temperature does affect the atmosphere mood of your surroundings. The following provides a simple guide for your reference.


Day-White (6400K)

Suitable use for: Outdoor, Industrial, Warehouse, Living Room, …
Mood: Refreshing, Energetic, Crisp

The day white is similar to the lighting condition on the clearest day at noon. The brightest of the colour temperature.



Natural-White (3300K)

Suitable use for Office/Workspace, Hospital, Corridor, …
Mood: Efficient, Balanced, Lively

The task lighting colour allows people to see things clearly.



Warm-White (2700K)

Suitable use for Bedroom, Bathroom, Library, Kitchen, Art Gallery, Display Cabinet, Food Display, …
Mood: Comfortable, Relaxing, Inviting

The red/orange colour similar to the traditional candlelight or incandescent bulb warm light brings out fresh tones and richness in texture.