Led Downlight

Downlight has improved tremendously over the years to the current LED models. Electronic PL lamps for downlight is very much popular among the building industry, hotels and shopping centres, for its equivalent energy saving, and ease and cost of maintenance compare to the LED downlight. For those who have the budget for the best lighting in town, LED downlight should be the first choice on your list.

LED Downlight (Square)

LED Downlight (Square)

LED Downlight (round)

LED Downlight (Round)

LED Downlight (Back)

LED Downlight (Back)

LED Downlight
(Square 12W) Size: 150 x 150mm, thickness about 30mm, Cut-out size: 117 x 117mm
(Square 18W) Size: 225 x 225mm, thickness about 30mm, Cut-out size: 206 x 206mm
(Round 12W) Size: Ø155mm, thickness about 30mm, Cut-out size: Ø130mm
(Round 18W) Size: Ø225mm, thickness about 30mm, Cut-out size: Ø206mm
Available in warm white (2700k), day-light (6400k) colour


Why choice LED downlight over the energy saving fluorescent Energy Saving PL lamp?

Both LED and new PL Lamp have similar energy consumption, given the same brightness. PL lamp is cost less, cheaper to maintain, energy efficient, better return on investment,

BUT… this LED panel is

  • Super slim downlight with surface mounts LED. This means that the space for your conceal ceiling can be smaller. This means that your ceiling can be higher. Singapore’s space is getting smaller. Low ceiling is common nowadays. The extra 10cm height does make a difference to your space. Super slim.
  • Perfect uniform light panel. Some LED or PL lamp downlight panel have inconsistent lighting intensity on the surface of the panel. If you look at the panel, you can easily spot uneven brightness intensity on the glass panel. This panel is specially designed to distribute the light across the panel evenly. What you will get is a patch of evenly distributed warm or white light. A light panel designed to give you the perfection in lighting.
  • Longer lifespan. LED lifespan is typically 3 times or more compared to the fluorescent lamp.


uneven brightness

individual LED can be seen

uneven LED brightness

a higher intensity in the middle

even brightness

Beautiful light panel. Lighting evenly distributed.


If you are looking at the most cost-effective solution, you may consider using the alternative energy saving electronic PL lamp for your downlight or the LED PL Lamp.