Energy Saving Fluorescent Tube

T8 fluorescent has been a very common lighting tube in Singapore’s office building and factory floor. T5 standard is emerging with a new tri-phosphor coating which helps generate more light with lesser energy. However, most offices and factories are still using the T8 lighting fixture. Changing to T5 can be costly.

An alternative technology to T5 is T8 LED lighting tube. LED is low power consumption, but it is generally more expensive compared to fluorescent.

Supertube Cost Effective

Supertube is a cost effective lighting solution compare to T8 LED tube. Cost is lower, yet performance is on-par with LED.

Supertube is more popular compare to T8 LED tube in the offices building and factories because the cost is lower, and hence the return on investment (ROI) for businesses is much higher.

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Energy saving comparable to LED

Supertube is using T5 fluorescent tube packaged as a T8 tube. The tube is power by electronics which has a power consumption similar to a T8 LED tube. A 4ft supertube, for example, consumes about 18W which is the same as LED tube.

Safe Handling

Supertube is designed for safe handling. A normal fluorescent tube can break easy and contains mercury vapour which is harmful to human. Supertube has an additional covering protection which makes lighting tube handling safer, especially in the kitchen or dining area where foods are being handled. Supertube is designed so that it is robust and safe to handle.

Simple Installation

Installation is simple. Simply remove the old T8 tube, and replaced it with Supertube. Look out for a fluorescent tube starter. Remove the starter from the fixture.

Instant Lights On

Yes, newer fluorescent technology driven by electronics do not require a starter to start up the lighting. Supertube instantly lights up the area when you flip your switch. There is no flickering or multiple striking of the fluorescent tube.

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Backward Compatible

Supertube is designed to be backwards compatible with existing T8 fixture. There may be a magnetic magnet inside your fixture, but there is no need to remove the magnetic ballast.

Power consumption is just as low, with or with the magnetic ballast. You can easily verify this using a power meter. This is possible because of the high power factor of the Supertube.

Less Heat

Supertube has a power factor close to 1.0, the current flowing through the ballast is very minimum. Operating Supertube with the magnetic ballast, you will notice that the ballast produce no heat at all. This is unlike the old T8 tube, where the magnetic ballast will become very very hot after a few minutes of operation. Supertube is energy efficient and energy saving.
Supertube can also be power up directly with only the Live and Neutral wire without any ballast. It works with and without the magnetic ballast. Power consumption is not affected.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Supertube improves lifespan and saves cost. Compare to the old T8, plastic fixture tends to crack and wear off relatively frequent. This is due to the heat generated by the old magnetic ballast. Supertube does not have this problem. Less heat generated means that the fixture can last much longer.

If your office lights are operated in an air-conditional environment, the reduce heat also helps to save your air-conditional energy consumption.


Using the latest tri-phosphor in the fluorescent tube, Supertube is able to generate more light, given the same power consumed.


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