Bright Led Chandelier Light Bulb (High Power)

Chandelier lamp is elegant. It is usually installed in the main hall or living room where the ceiling is higher and spacious. Chandelier light bulb is still largely an incandescent bulb for lighting. To replace this incandescent bulb, you can use the high power LED chandelier light bulb. This bulb uses high power LED which is much brighter than those low power LED candle bulb.

E14 Chandelier Bulb 3W (flame tip shape, frost)E14 Chandelier Bulb 3W

These are some of the product that can use the high LED chandelier bulbs.

Wall Chandelier Single CandleWall Chandelier Dual Candle Pair

These LED chandelier bulbs can be used on these wall mount lamp.

Available at Haysom Interiors.

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Elegant Chandelier Ceiling Lamp

Available at House of Isabella.

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Elegant Chandelier Ceiling Lamp

Available in Ivory & Deene.

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These range of high power high brightness LED chandelier bulb cost much more expensive compare to the low version.

 The high power LED chandelier bulb uses high power LED to provide the lighting. The advantage of using high power LED is that it can generate more light in a smaller area of space. Power consumption is slightly higher compare to the low power LED. The disadvantage is the heat generated from the high power LED. It is energy wasted in the form of heat. Though heat is generated, the power needed to light up these bulbs is typically about 3W, which is about 8 to 16 times lesser than an incandescent bulb.

As you can see the base of the bulb screw thread is heavy metal material. The metal is important as is also act as a heat sink to dissipate the heat generated by the high power LED. The heat is quite high after operating for about a minute. As a safety precaution, please allow the bulb to cool before handling it. It can burn your hand, especially when touching the metal base. Thicker wiring is recommended to pull the heat away from this light power LED chandelier light bulb. Beware of the lights too. Don’t to look at the light from the chandelier bulb directly.

Space is limited within the small glass cover. There is only that much space to squeeze in. Low power LED version is available, but the light generated is not as much as the high power LED version. Power consumption is much much lower, about 0.3W. Best of all, there is barely any heat generated. This also means the lifespan of the bulb is much much longer. Check out the low power LED candle bulb for further details.


high power E14 Chandelier Bulb 3WE14 Chandelier Bulb 3W (round bulb shape)E14 Chandelier Bulb 3W (flame tip shape, clear)

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