LED PL Lamp for Downlight Light

Many of the household in Singapore uses downlight as their main lighting. The old type of downlight usually uses a 2 pins fluorescent PL lamp. This PL lamp is also very popular in commercial building and hotels due to the cost.

For those who want cost saving PL Lamp solution, you can consider using the electronic PL Lamp from saveOne.

For new homes, you may like to consider using a LED panel as your downlight instead of using the old conventional PL lamp.

If you want to convert your old downlight lighting to LED, consider using the following LED PL Lamp.

LED PL Lamp (*New Product)

LED PL lamp


  • Energy saving.
  • Crystal clear tube.
  • Dissipate less heat compared to fluorescent and other LED PL.
  • Easy to plug in and out from your downlight lamp.

LED PL lamp

LED PL lamp

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